Scolarship Fund

With our ever-growing number of students moving through their education, Lisa Kent Trust has been working to deliver a smooth transition from education into employment.

The Lisa Kent Trust has an established reputation and is able to secure work experience opportunities for our students. Our aim is to ensure our students find a vocation which they enjoy & in which they can excel, thereby supporting their family & the development of The Gambia. Eventually taking the reliance away from the outside world

Educational costs increase as students reach the higher grades & look to start University or trade courses. These are not affordable to many Gambian students’ families. To facilitate this Lisa Kent Trust has established a Scholarship Fund into which you can donate, monthly, annually or as a single payment, with the sole purpose of assisting a group of gifted students to continue their studies & with LKT’s support & guidance reach their potential. You will be kept updated on the students benefiting from your scholarship donations and the difference you are making to their lives.


Haddy is now in her third year of nursing training. She would very much like to specialise in midwifery, an area which is desperate for qualified nurses. Well done Haddy!


Alpha has been sponsored through Lisa Kent Trust for most of his education and thanks to the very generous support of donors in the UK has now started University to study accountancy. We are very proud of Alpha and the sacrifices his family have made to encourage him to study. His father charges batteries for a living and his son would not have had the opportunity of an education without the support of LKT and our generous supporters.


Adama a mature student previously a primary teacher is attending the University of the Gambia to Study Business Management.


Bintou is one of several teachers LKT has sent to teacher training college to gain her ECD (Early Childhood Development) qualification and is now a teacher at one of Lisa Kent Trust’s Nursery Schools.  

You will be kept updated on students benefitting from your scholarship donations. You are supporting Lisa Kent Trust in delivering opportunities.