Community tourism

Now you can play a part in bringing hope and education to people whilst also having the opportunities to explore and experience a unique country.  Packages are available to suit all ages from one week to 12 months.

Lisa Kent Trust offers unique trips to the Gambia where you can experience life in a developing country and experience the culture and way of life of the Gambians.

You will stay in good quality accommodation away from the tourist area and be able to mix with the local community.  You will have the expertise of an experienced guide as well as the opportunity to join in with some of the following:

  • Cookery workshops – where you will visit the local market to buy produce and then cook it in the Gambian way!
  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife and boat trips,
  • Visit to local craft markets
  • Visits to our schools and the opportunity to work with our teachers and the children, and really get to understand the differences between Gambian and UK education systems

All our trips are tailor-made to suit the individuals.

Price are £1,500 (flights included), and are from 1 week upwards.

All transport in the Gambia, trips and some meals are provided.

On each trip the Trust runs brings people offering very different skills. Recently a young student nurse experienced a very different approach to nursing by working in a local clinic. On day 3 she delivered a baby the delight of all concerned! This was a fantastic experience but also resulted in a great bond being formed between the mother and the Lisa Kent Trust.

A hearing and language therapist also experienced time in our schools. Many children had their ears checked, resulting in quite a few being diagnosed with problems therefore enabling the problems to be dealt with. Other volunteers worked in small groups with children helping them to catch up.


What will I be doing?

Your trip will comprise a blend of spending time at one or more of our schools, as well as getting to know the local community. We also arrange sight-seeing trips to the forests and the coast. We will tailor the trip to your interests and skills. Do you like building? We can find a project for you! Computers? No problem! Do you have teaching, child-care or medical skills? We can find ways for you to help. Or maybe it’s just providing a pair of extra hands – whatever you can do, we can usually find a way to fit you in to a fulfilling and useful programme of activities.

How many days will I be in the Gambia?

Again, we will work around your requirements, but usually our voluntourists stay at least a week, and more often two.

Where will I stay?

Accommodation will be in a lodge in the local community and will of a good European standard. Alternatively hotel accommodation can be arranged in the tourist areas if preferred.

What will the weather be like?

Our trips usually run between NOVEMBER and APRIL when the daytime temperatures are typically in the 20’s and you will have 12 hours of sunshine!  Extremely unusual to see any rainfall and very low humidity. A great opportunity to escape those dreary winter months in UK & Europe.

How much does it cost?

We ask our voluntourists to raise £1,500 from their friends, family, local businesses etc and this will cover all your transport costs in Gambia, including your flights to & from Gambia, your accommodation & food.

Voluntourism trips arranged by the Lisa Kent Trust are approved activities for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Scheme. For more information contact us.