Our Schools

Lisa Kent Trust Friendship Nursery School

Lisa Kent Trust Friendship is a purpose-built nursery school for children aged 3-7 years and class sizes are limited to 36. These children are provided with a very good foundation enabling them to go on to Government Lower Basic schools in the local area.

LKT Friendship SchoolThe Trust believes education should start in the child’s young informative years especially as they need to learn the English language, which is the business and educational language of The Gambia

The school has three classrooms, toilets and showers, a Headmaster’s office and store. The school is supplied with running water and electricity. All educational resources are provided, many of which have been sent from the UK.

The Friendship school , originally established in 2002, caters for 108 children at any one time, with the poor & needy children being supported by the Trust’s sponsorship programme, delivering the opportunity of an education and a better start to life.

Lisa Kent Trust Meridian Nursery and Lower Basic School.

This school was constructed in a new community occupied by families who could not afford to live nearer the large conurbations. Development started in 2008 and was completed in 2011.

It now supports the education of more than 350 children at any one time, but with small class numbers to maintain teaching quality. Pupils enroll from the age of 3-4 years and leave for Upper Basic aged 13-14.

A high level of education is offered with outstanding results in the Gambian National Examinations.  Lisa Kent Trust Meridian students have always been at the top of their Region.

The school offers excellent facilities operating from a large site which includes a playing field, made available to the local community out of school hours.

You can support a pupil at this school with our sponsorship programme for just £10 per month.

Meridian School Library

The library gained top marks from the Government Schools Inspection team. During their inspection in 2017 they were impressed with the quality and range of books available. The Librarian was praised for his efficient labelling system and easy use of the library. The library provides a great space for children to use both as part of their lesson plans and also during break times.